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Top 10 Customer Journey Analytics Solutions Companies - 2022

Companies across industries turn to customer journey analytics to connect all the dots of the fragmented customer journeys locked in silos within their organizations. This helps them create a consistent buyer’s journey, outperform competitors, and boost revenue by tailoring their services as per customers’ preferences and expectations to improve customer experience.

Customer journey analytics facilitates segmentation beyond demographic, firmographic, and geographic information, enabling behavioral segmentation, which is the division of customers based on how customers behave. This allows marketers to enhance campaign performance through improved targeting by connecting strategy and tactics to customer experience and business objectives, such as revenue, cost, and retention.

Last year, the customer journey analytics market was valued at US$ 9.4 billion as per IMARC Group’s report and will reach US$ 27.52 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 18.5 percent during 2022-2027. The primary driver of this market growth is the rising desire for individualized customer experiences. Customers today demand to be treated as individuals with distinctive preferences. Consequently, it has forced businesses to shift their emphasis to customized/tailored brand interactions.

Customer journey analytics solutions and services have increasingly become a driving force behind customer acquisition, brand loyalty, and customer lifetime value. The aim is to ensure a single view of a customer when they interact with their company and then accordingly personalize the customer experience across channels and places always at the right moment. For creating this blended customer experience, the customer journey analytics space is transforming from retrospective reporting to real-time, behavior-driven interaction.

The growing investments in establishing advanced marketing technologies to assist marketers in making cognitive judgments and developing improved buyer management are also contributing factors to market growth. In addition, the growing tendency to invest in buyer retention methods instead of buyer acquisition strategies is driving the customer journey analytics market even more.

    Top Customer Journey Analytics Solutions Companies

  • CIEK’s proprietary data science processes take into account clients’ customer touchpoint data and also leverages broader unstructured data—pertaining to, say, opinions and surveys—and knowledge of domain experts. With smarter predictive analytics capabilities that can understand the complex interactions between various channels, CIEK helps clients track and analyze cross-channel user behavior and improve ROI on various touchpoints

  • Insightarc—a B2B SaaS company— that enables marketers to automate the discovery, visualization, and analysis of the real customer journey to identify conversion insights. The company offers customer journey insights that help marketers and e-commerce managers embrace data-enabled decisions more quickly, optimize conversion rates, and enhance sales growth

  • Aceyus


    Aceyus provides real-time analytics solutions for contact centers. Their platform allows companies to access all customer metrics and centralize its data in one cohesive dashboard. With Aceyus, call and contact centers can create better customer and agent experiences by leveraging their innovative technology

  • Alterian


    Alterian has a 20-year history of delivering marketing automation and real-time customer experience (CX) solutions to brands across the US, UK and Australia. Their leading Real-Time CX platform enables brands to fully understand and act upon their consumers’ interactions with them, gathering relevant data from multiple touchpoints and recommending next best actions

  • Blast Analytics

    Blast Analytics

    Blast Analytics is a strategic analytics consulting company that accelerates the analytics services for enterprise and mid-market clients. They solve clients’ data challenges to help optimize marketing campaigns, improve customer experience, increase competitive advantage, and, ultimately, EVOLVE their organizations

  • Glassbox


    Glassbox empowers organizations to create frictionless digital journeys for their customers. Their digital experience analytics platform works in real time, across mobile apps and websites, to accelerate customer loyalty and business growth. Their mission is to build software that enables companies to create frictionless digital journeys for their customers

  • Joulica


    Joulica helps organizations upgrade their customer experience by providing real time and predictive analytics across all their customer interaction channels. They utilize leading edge technologies and cloud-native approaches to deliver innovative solutions in the customer service and customer experience market

  • Thunderhead


    Thunderhead helps brands get closer to their customers by helping them to better understand and meet the wants and needs of each and every individual customer, regardless of where, when, and how they interact. Their market-leading ONE Engagement Hub is a cloud-based customer engagement platform that’s been designed to discover customer insight in real-time, across every interaction throughout the entire customer journey

  • Userpilot


    Userpilot helps product teams deliver personalized in-app experiences to increase growth metrics at every stage of the user journey. Userpilot helps companies achieve higher user activation, engagement, and retention rates by enabling them to personalize in-app onboarding experiences for users

  • Woopra


    By consolidating an organization’s siloed data within a singular hub - Woopra delivers a holistic, real-time, behavioral view of every prospect and visitor. With Woopra, every team within the organization is empowered with real-time insights. Optimize individual touchpoints, monitor product engagement and transform opinion-driven strategies into data-driven actions